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February 4, 2017 by: Brigitte and Roger

4 Winter Winds. Weather & Feathers

4 Winter Winds. Weather & Feathers

While winter is typically slow going here at the Beach House, it's been busy at Four Winds. We have had lots of weather, waves & feathers blowing by. Two snow of which socked us in yesterday and lingers today. Check out this short video of our snow day.

In January we had a great time hosting a Yoga Teacher Training Retreat. 8 aspiring yoginis and their instructors spent 5 days saluting the sun.

Yoga at Four Winds Beach House

One sunny afternoon we were lucky to catch a pod (?) of dolphins bounding by, cruising west up the straight.

This being our first winter here, we are really enjoying all the bird life in and around Sargeant Bay. All from our sunrise to sunset deck. There are the ever present eagles that circle and perch around the property but there are so many other birds fishing and bobbing around our shores that we've pulled out the birding guides to help us identify them all.

So far we've spotted: loons, herons, grebes, buffle heads, sparrow hawks, hummingbirds, gulls, king fishers and a bunch of as yet unidentified.

It's quite here now. Hypnotic waves and panoramic skies are calming. If you need an connect with yourself or with the power of nature, now might be the time.



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