We are transitioning in 2021!

We are closed for renovations for the remainder of the year.

Please check back at a later time for any updates.

Four Winds Beach House & Spa

Sunshine Coast, BC


Four Winds Difference, Four Winds Beach House & Spa



Four Winds Beach House & Spa is perched on a rocky point, jutting into the waters of Georgia Strait . Sheltered from the brunt of the south easterlies by Trail Islands , Four Winds is a magnificent view point for the wilds of a winter storm or the beautiful calm of a summer day. Our guest wing (the “West Wing”) is on the lee side of the point so you will sleep snugly, marveling to the sounds of the water just below your windows.


Guests enter the private guest wing through the front (separate entrance) double doors. The guest rooms and massage therapy room are in this wing along with a common area with a gas fireplace. The common area is the architectural highlight of the house. Entering the room with its floor to ceiling windows on all walls feels like entering the stern lounge of a cruise ship. At first glance, no land is visible, just the endless expanse of ocean. Find out more!


Last minute gifts are a breeze with our instant telephone and email delivery system. Make the call to us on our toll free number 1-800-543-2989, use your Visa or MasterCard and we will immediately send you a printable gift certificate by email. Send your friends and relatives the gift of Bed and Breakfast combined with spa treatments for a present that is guaranteed not to clutter their home! Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.


We are currently working with local massage therapists to meet client needs, contact us for more information.


Due to Covid 19 we are not currently offer food service

Quality food is one of the hallmarks of staying at Four Winds. Ordering organic fruits and staples from the wholesaler, ensures that we have the freshest possible ingredients. Meals include a wide variety of fruit, granola and a hot dish, if desired, which changes each day. All prepared fresh and from scratch in the Four Winds kitchen. Select the food option of your choice in the extras menu. We have created thousands of mouth-watering breakfasts in our years of operating Four Winds Beach House and Spa.

Four Winds Difference, Four Winds Beach House & Spa
Four Winds Difference, Four Winds Beach House & Spa
Four Winds Difference, Four Winds Beach House & Spa

5482 Hill Road, Sechelt, BC V0N3A8, Canada

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